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Welcome to Buckaroo Grills, wood burning with fan system


A Bit of history


Cavemen and Clubs

Ever wonder why the caveman carried a big club ?

Because he cooked his food over the flames of a wood fire and it tasted soooo good, he had to protect it !


Our claim to "Flame"


We took The Cavemans' Fire

      and we added a little more air 

Our grills have a variable speed fan system



With a Buckaroo Grill you will be putting out the best tasting food in the world (the secret is in the wood)


Eat Healthier

Prepare your food the natural, safe way.

Grilling over the flames of a hardwood 

fire has never been easier, thanks to the design of the "Buckaroo Grill"

Start grilling in less than ten minutes, using

smaller pieces of wood and a little more air.

Buckaroo Grills


Russell T. King

Tom has owned and operated a Fireplace shop for over 35 years

During that time he has sold all kinds of 

barbecue grills and ovens. He started selling pellet grills when Joe Traeger first came out with his version of the grill. WELL they like to call them GRILLS, but they only cook with the door shut - they are ovens.

Tom wanted a wood burning grill that you could grill on any day of the week.  Most wood burning grills take a long time to fire up and be ready to cook on, sometimes over an hour wait.

Tom decided to use smaller pieces of wood or chunks of wood and he designed an air system for better control, cleaner burning flames and  faster grilling time.  

More than one grill

Some of our best customers are the ones that have three or four grills in their backyard before they called us, which lets me know that they were still looking for that one grill to make them happy.  And it turns out that its caveman style cooking that they are craving. Grilling over live flames of an open pit wood fire bbq.

Methane Gas

People moved away from wood burning grills because they thought methane gas was a faster way to go.  But not any more, with Buckaroo Grills variable speed fan system, you can have a healthier better tasting meal in the same amount of time.

Compairing Fuel Cost

Wood, Propane, Pellet, Charcoal, Natural Gas and Electric - WELL what can I say :

Trees are everywhere, We like to use a good Hardwood like - Oak, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan and Almond.  There are many other good woods to cook with too, Fruit trees are also great for open pit grilling.

Grilling @ its Best

Don't Over Do It :

Just Salt, Pepper and Granulated garlic.

Baste every-thing with a mixture of Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar

Let the Aroma of the Wood work its Magic.


Get the Best Meat

You can't go wrong with "PRIME"

you may pay a little more,

but it's worth it.

Rotisserie Kits Avaiable

Install the rotisserie kit with just one pin.

You can raise and lower the heavy duty rotisserie rod with the crank up handle and the rotisserie motor keeps the rod turning at a nice speed.

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